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Tracking pollution in your neighbourhood

  • Searching Nearby

    Click the NEARBY tab and enter a Canadian address to search for pollution info on nearby facilities.

    You can narrow down or broaden your geographic search by specifying a proximity to an address (5KM, 25KM, etc.) If everything goes well (fingers crossed), you should get back a search result with all facilities in the range you specified, provided those facilities reported into the National Pollutant Release Inventory*.

    Note that you can use a full address, street name with a city and province, just a city, or just a postal code, and we try to figure out what you are looking for and provide some choices if your search is too ambiguous.

  • Searching for a City

    Click the CITY tab and enter an address to search for polluting facilities within a city boundary.

    You can enter a full address, city and province or just a postal code and we'll look up any facilities in that city that reported pollution data into the NPRI*. This will give you an idea of how many facilities in your city are polluting.

    Note that this search will show only those facilities with a city address that matched the city boundaries of the address you specify. If your address is close to the city boundaries, or if you get back a large number of search results, use the NEARBY search instead.

  • Searching within a Riding

    Click the RIDING tab and enter an address to search for polluting facilities within the same riding.

    You can enter a postal code or a full address and we'll look up the Federal Electoral Riding and Member of Parliament information for that location, compliments of our friends at howdtheyvote.ca. We then go and find all facilities that reported pollution data into the NPRI within the boundaries of that riding.

    This gives you have a way to not only see polluting facilities in your riding, but also to easily find which MP to contact. Hint: click on a facility on a map (or in the search results table) to find the MP contact information.


*Currently Emitter only shows the air quality data released by NPRI in 2008, but we're adding new features and look for your suggestions & feedback.

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